Brad Davis

Brad and I have been friends for over a quarter of a century. He left for Nashville not long after high school where he became known as one of the best tour and studio musicians in the business. I could tell you about all the gold and platinum records he played on or, about his grammy award. I could tell you about all the celebrities and stars he has performed with. I could try to explain how he has a state of the art recording studio in the North Texas area or, you could just check out his site.


Avoca Coffee

If you feel the desire to take in locally produced art and enjoy the most artfully roasted coffee in Fort Worth. Visit Jimmy, Garold, and the rest of the gang at 1311 W. Magnolia in Fort Worth, Texas.


Charles Ellenberger, Photographer
Hawaii-based photographer, Charles Ellenberger, is not only amazingly talented and a world traveler, he is also a close friend and mentor. Contact him if you are in the Southern California area and need work done.  He is offering workshops  and photo tours beginning in 2017 Check out the link to his site in order to learn from one of the best travel photographers in the industry. I plan to be assisting him with some of the workshops in the Southwestern United States and possibly overseas.